Hair Care

Our shop is unique in that we are able to offer a wide range of services and complete makeovers from head to toe.


Professional, modern hair cuts and styling.

Men’s Haircut & Style     $25-$30

Men’s Haircut & Hot Shave     $55
Hot Shaves     $35
Neck cleanup     $15
Moustache, Goatee or Beard cleanup     $10
Color & Style     $65-$90
Color, Cut & Style     $75-$100


Professional, modern hair cuts and styling.

Ladies’ Cut & Style     $35-$50
Special rates for children, depending on age

Other Services


Perm & Style     $110 & up
Perm, Cut & Style     $120 & up
Specialty Perms     *consultation required

Colouring – We guarantee our colours when professional hair care products are used.

Colour & Style     $90 & up
Colour, Cut & Style     $110 & up
Foils or Double Process (no cut)     $120 & up
Foils, Cut & Style     $135 & up
Balayage     $160 & up *consultation required
Fashion Colour/Mermaid Hair     *consultation required

Blowdry, Sets & Up-Do’s

Shampoo & Style – Short Hair     $25
Long Hair Down     $30-$45
Long Hair Up-Do (hair already washed and dried)     $55 & up
Long Hair Up-Do (hair washed, dried & set)     $70 & up

EXTEND-IT – Premium Clip-in Human Hair Extensions (Great for special occasions)

BABE – Tape-in and Bead Premium Hair Extensions (Great for longer wear)

– Babe Extension Crowns

*Consultation required on all extensions*

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